Websites for data, data analysis etc.:

  • Data:

UCAR: (this is a new one, also provides some documentation on data and reanalyses) (requires free registration)


NASA satellite data: (under construction)

NASA A-Train (satellites) data:

Hahn and Warren surface-based cloud observations: (gridded product updated to 2008 is the first link: NDP-026E)

IPCC models: (requires free registration)

CLOUDS obs. for model evaluation (CFMIP) :

CERES data (CMIP):

DATA and MODELS code:

  • Data Analysis:

NCL: (free)

GrADS: (free)

  • To find papers, authors:

SCOPUS: (free from RSMAS or through myUM outside)


  • Websites and Blogs:



Cloud photo gallery:

CMMAP (clouds, climate, weather, climate models)

NASA missions:

Isaac Held's blog:

Animations from Tapio Schneider's website:

  • Classes, textbooks online:

Climate dynamics class:

Introduction to Phys. Oceanography: